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Jamaica to Help Small Farmers Enter the Cannabis Industry

Jamaica is making it easier for its small business owners and farmers to enter the cannabis industry. The Cannabis Licensing Authority of Jamaica (CLA) announced in late June that its special permit policy is in an advance stage of completion and consultations with interested parties have begun. The goal of the CLA is to lower

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Can CBD Help Your Marijuana High?

Something called the “entourage effect.” What is this? Let’s talk about CBD, the meaning of “entourage effect” HOW ARE CBD AND THC SIMILAR? We started right away by talking about CBD and THC, but let’s talk about the difference between the two. And not the basic difference between the two, let’s get scientific for a

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Cannabis Leases: Eight Important Tenant Considerations

Cannabis laws give landlords a unique amount of control and bargaining power over tenants. This usually translates to above-market rent and one-sided lease agreements. Fighting with landlords is no fun, especially for cannabis tenants who cannot simply relocate to a new property and must deal with their lessor for the life of a license. In

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Can Medical Cannabis Help Treat Clinical Burnout?

Beyond the 2.3 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S and the more than 120,000 coronavirus deaths, as of mid-June, there exists an urgent medical situation. The treatment of medical personnel is an additional pandemic element, complicated by the rapid spread of the virus in the population. Burnout has hit many professionals, but most of

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