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New Mexico to Reinstate Residency Requirement for Medical Marijuana Cards

New Mexico lawmakers have voted to reinstate a residency requirement for patients authorized to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. Under a bill passed in the New Mexico House of Representatives on Monday, allowing non-residents to apply for medical marijuana identification cards would be phased out later this year. The measure, SB 139, was

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ICYMI: Trump Dumps on Medical Cannabis (Again)

At this point, it probably feels to most people like the federal government is standing down when it comes to state-legal cannabis and cannabis businesses. It started back in 2013 with the Cole Memo when U.S. Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole opined in a memorandum that U.S. attorneys shouldn’t really prioritize federally illegal cannabis

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How Does CBD Interact with Prescription Meds?

A brief disclaimer to begin with – combining CBD with prescription medicine of any kind without first consulting with a doctor is a bad idea. Every human body reacts differently to meds of all shapes and sizes, so it’s best not to take things for granted. Worldwide, the popularity of CBD products is accelerating like

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How to Choose a Seed Bank: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Anyone with the intention of growing cannabis at home should take cannabis seeds seriously. Whether on the market for fast-action autoflowering seeds, feminized cannabis seeds or considering experimenting with cross-breeding for the first time, quality counts. The key to growing outstanding cannabis and getting the best possible return on your investment lies in starting out

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