Allen Iverson and Viola Brands Join Forces in Epic Partnership

Allen Iverson and Viola Brands are teaming up to release exclusive strains and merchandise across various markets, and we’re excited. 

As a Black-owned brand, Viola is dedicated to building equity and improving the status of human rights in the cannabis space. With the help of NBA Hall of Fame legend Allen Iverson, they are going to be able to get the word out through the partnership that legal cannabis is for everyone, and prisoners, notably people of color, should not be behind bars while others freely profit from cannabis legalization.  

Founded by CEO Al Harrington, the purpose behind Viola is to create “an industry leading and scalable collaboration across product lines and markets,” according to the brand’s press release. As an NBA legend himself, Harrington is plugged into how star power in the basketball world can help influence policy and Black advocacy in the cannabis world and other spaces. Partnering with Iverson is the next natural step for the strong and inclusive brand. 

Photo courtesy of Viola

For this historic pairing, Iverson and Harrington got together in the Viola grow operation in Detroit to tour the facility. Despite his CEO status and clout in the industry, Harrington is still Viola’s head grower. He made

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