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As the industry matures, one of the most noticeable trends is a shift toward high-end dispensary designs. In many jurisdictions, shops no longer are relegated to back alleys but instead stake their claim to prime retail real estate where the cost to build out a sophisticated space easily can run into seven figures. The price tag is out of reach to would-be operators who don’t have access to a spring of free-flowing capital.

The situation is changing, with companies like SevenPoint Interiors increasing access to luxurious design and customer experience via sleek turnkey display solutions. Seven Point, a designer and fabricator based in Toronto, launched its solution in December.


The company itself was formed in 2017 as an offshoot of longstanding design house Visual Elements. Specializing in retail environment design for luxury clothing brands like Coach and Louis Vuitton, founders and principals Robert Turk and John Simmen developed SevenPoint to serve demand from the cannabis industry. 

SevenPoint emerged at a moment when Canadian legalization was cresting over the horizon and the industry rapidly was professionalizing. The founders’ experience appealed to ambitious cannabis operators who wanted to create emporiums in the vein of the luxury boutiques upon which Visual Elements

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