Cannabis Lobby Sparks Curious Alliances

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis-lobbying across the US has achieved that rare thing – uniting big banks, big tobacco, unionists, and Black Lives Matter activists – for now.  

That doesn’t mean the interests shaped around cannabis are mutual. 

In their corner, Black Lives Matter activists are out to imprint their voice into evolving cannabis legalization rules because they are seeking business opportunities for minority communities. This is so because harsh drug laws in America disproportionately result in jail and criminal records for Black weed users. Cannabis arrests make up over 50% of all drug arrests in America, but according to the American Civil Liberties Union, Blacks are 3,5 more times likely to be arrested for cannabis offenses than whites. 

On the other end of the room, big banks, and tobacco firms are paying armies of lobbyists who crisscross the US to make sure their interests are protected as more American states move to legalize the use of weed.  

Lobby money up 

The money alone tells the big picture of frenetic lobbying. According to Open Secrets, in 2011 pro-cannabis corporations and special interest groups in America spent just about $35 000 in total lobbying efforts

In 2019, cannabis interest groups went a gear

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