Cannabis Use Among Seniors Rises in Popularity

Cannabis use for seniors has been growing in population in the media, and now there are stats to back up how popular it truly is in 2020. A new study published in Annals of Internal Medicine reveals that cannabis use among seniors, specifically those 65 and older, is happening more than ever.

The research was conducted within the University of Massachusetts Medical School, and looked at trends in cannabis use and self-reported data from across the country. In total, over 171,000 seniors were polled. The findings that were revealed are consistent with other studies that also reveal older folks want access to cannabis.

“Eleven states and the District of Columbia have implemented laws allowing for the use of cannabis, which is prompting studies of the patterns, determinants, and health outcomes of its use, primarily among young adults,” the study explains. “Cannabis use is less prevalent among older adults, and studies of its use in this population are scarce. We believe more investigations are warranted. One reason is that some older adults use cannabis for the management of pain, disorders of mood, anxiety, and sleep, and other medical conditions.”

Furthermore, past studies have revealed that medical cannabis use by seniors is

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