DEEPROOTZ, LLC to build recreational-use marijuana dispensary in Quad-Cities – Quad City Times

DEEPROOTZ, LLC has received a conditional license to sell recreational-use marijuana in the Quad-Cities.

The Alton-based entity is the second LLC to receive an adult-use cannabis dispensing license from Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) for use in the Quad-Cities. The Social Equity Justice Involved Lottery awarded 55 licenses to businesses that scored 85% or better on their application out of 589 applicants.

The company lists eight owners: Dustin Greer, John Sholar, Kyle Miller, Tuan Theis, Caleb Lewis, Steve Remspecher, James Miller, and Joel Black. Theis is also listed as the agent and all of the managers listed the same address in Alton.

This lottery is the second of the three-phase conditional license lottery conducted by the IDFPR. This round exclusively served social-equity qualifying applicants who live in areas designated as disproportionately affected by the war on drugs or if they or their family members have been arrested or convicted of a minor cannabis offense.

The final and third lottery will take place on Aug. 19 and will be open to regular applicants and social-equity applicants.

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