Kiva Confections Launches Lost Farm Line Of Edibles

Kiva Confections announced on Thursday that it is launching Lost Farm, a new edibles brand featuring products infused with strain-specific live resin. Intended for experienced cannabis consumers, the new gummies and chews were designed to provide an effect that is brighter and more complex than traditional edibles produced with standard infusion processes. That allows Lost Farm products to provide a rich, full-spectrum experience usually reserved for smokers, according to a press release from the company.

“Today we can smoke or vape cannabis strains that range in taste from floral to fruit to diesel, with effects that span from soporific to stimulating. While appreciative for the nuances captured in inhalable formats, we had to ask ourselves: Why can’t we explore the incredible nuances of cannabis in an edible?” said Scott Palmer, the CEO and co-founder of California-based Kiva Confections. “Lost Farm is the culmination of the journey we went through to answer that question. Having spent ten years building a legacy of cutting-edge innovation in this field, Lost Farm is still something I’m particularly proud of.”

Lost Farm is a deliberate departure from Kiva’s family of popular low-dose cannabis edible brands, providing 10 milligrams of THC in each gummy or chew

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