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CHICAGO (HOI) – The Illinois State Lottery will conduct three lotteries for adult-use dispensary license applicants later this summer.

On Thursday, Governor JB Pritzker announced three lotteries to distribute 185 licenses to operate adult-use cannabis dispensaries, which will happen during July and August.

The dates for the upcoming lotteries include the following:

July 29: The lottery for qualifying applicants who received a score of at least 85% of the 250 application points will be held for the 55 licenses in that category.August 5: The lottery for social equity justice-involved applicants who received a score of at least 85% of the 250 application points and are located in a disproportionately impacted area or have an eligible conviction will be held for the 55 available licenses in that category.August 19: the final lottery will be held for top scoring, tied applicants for the original 75 licenses outlined in the CRTA.

In addition to Thursday’s announcement, over 200 people across Illinois have qualified to receive Craft Grow, Infuser, and Transporter licenses.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for the licensing process these types of licenses, issued notifications to applicants Thursday who are eligible to receive one of

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