Massachusetts Marijuana Dispensaries Expect New CT Law to Boost Sales – NBC Connecticut

Since it could be awhile until retail stores open in Connecticut, some people might take a trip to buy cannabis in neighboring states.

On Tuesday, NBC Connecticut traveled to Massachusetts where recreational marijuana has been legal for several years.

Among those already making the drive to Massachusetts and heading to a recreational cannabis shop is Chris Beauchemin of Bristol.

“Being able to get what you want recreationally is I think a good thing,” said Beauchemin.

Starting July 1 a lot more people from Connecticut might be making the trip.

“We’ve seen with every other state that’s one of our neighbors has legalized we’ve typically have seen an increase right away,” said Audrey Procopio, Canna Provisions marketing manager.

Procopio showed us the range of products for sale at Canna Provisions in Holyoke: from flowers to food to drinks.

“People are interested. There’s an element of not even really knowing what the experience is like and we’re really excited to be able to show that,” said Procopio.

Cannabis is a quickly growing industry in the Bay State and even in the same building in Holyoke another shop opened a few months ago.

“Probably at the moment 35% of our business is out

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