Napa rejects cannabis dispensary plan in dispute over minimum distance from school – Napa Valley Register

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The proposed site of a cannabis dispensary at 1921 Iroquois St. is the source of a clash between the property owner and the city of Napa over whether the business would comply with an ordinance requiring it to be at least 600 feet from New Technology High School. The Planning Commission on June 17 upheld a rejection of the plan.

Howard Yune, Register Howard Yune

When is 600 feet not really 600 feet? According to Napa city planning officials, when a would-be cannabis seller tries to measure that distance from the nearest school in anything but a straight line.

A company trying to open Napa’s next dispensary has clashed with the city over its plan to serve customers on Iroquois Street, in the same neighborhood as New Technology High School. Its claim to meet Napa’s minimum 600-foot distance away from schools and other youth-serving locales has been turned aside by the city’s planning department — a rejection upheld last week by the Planning Commission, Napa’s authority on land-use matters.


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