Ohio Medical Board Rejects Addition of Depression to Medical Marijuana Program

The State Medical Board of Ohio rejected a proposal on Wednesday that would have added depression, opioid addiction, and insomnia to the list of conditions that qualify a patient for the state’s medical marijuana program. The board also decided to delay a vote on including anxiety and autism as qualifying conditions until new members of the body have a chance to review the evidence presented.

Last month, a board advisory committee met to consider adding the five medical conditions to the state’s medicinal cannabis program. Medical experts presenting evidence to the panel generally concurred that research supported the use of medical marijuana as a treatment for autism and anxiety, but disagreed on treating opioid addiction, depression, and insomnia with cannabis. The committee subsequently recommended that that the full board vote to add anxiety and autism and reject the proposals for the other three conditions.

Board President Dr. Michael Schottenstein suggested postponing the vote on adding anxiety and autism until two new members of the board have had an opportunity to review more than 2,000 pages of evidence from medical experts supporting the use of cannabis to treat autism and anxiety. A date for the vote by the full board has

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