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Marijuana Penny Stocks To Add To Your December 2021 Watchlist

Penny Pot Stocks For Your List This Week. Top Cannabis Stocks For Q4 2021To start the first full week in December top marijuana stocks to buy are showing some green for the day. Last week the best cannabis stocks to watch sustained significant declines as the overall markets dropped because of the Omicron variant. This

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Think legal marijuana is everywhere in California? Think again

It’s true the state has mostly embraced the industry, but local decision making was a big part of its groundbreaking legalization bill, meaning there are lots of highly-populated cities without easy access. Here are the 10 biggest. Though Californians voted to legalize adult use marijuana in 2016, it remains largely unavailable in some of the

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A Brief History Of The False Myth About Cannabis As A Gateway Drug

Several scientific studies have refuted the idea that cannabis consumption would lead to getting hard drugs (e.g., cocaine and heroin). But it is still prevalent in the collective imagination. Even US President Joe Biden used to think that cannabis is a gateway drug. Still, he has changed his position over time. However, when discussing cannabis,

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Where could marijuana dispensary be built? – Sandusky Register

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