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Oregon Cannabis: What to Do If You Receive an OLCC Notice of Proposed License Cancellation or Other “Charging Document”

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC”) is tasked with regulating medical and recreational cannabis in Oregon and this includes commencing administrative enforcement proceedings against licensees found in violation of one or more rules. The OLCC may seek sanctions against licensees ranging from a monetary penalty and/or a period of suspension to license cancellation. We sat

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Nugg Club: Cannabis Subscription Boxes Hit the Market for 2020

Cannabis Subscription Boxes Hit the Market Subscription boxes are all the rage in recent years with hundreds of industries joining in on the monthly delivery craze. Thousands of companies have turned retail into a SaaS-model, delivering monthly boxes of everything from makeup and clothing to dirt of the month and scavenger hunt tools. Now, cannabis

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Ontario Cannabis Retailer Has Plans for a Sarnia Store

Sessions Cannabis, which has several retail outlets in several Ontario communities, says it is seeking permission from the Ontario Alcohol and Gaming Commission to open a store in a plaza at 600 Murphy Road, next to the Real Canadian Superstore. Another cannabis retailer has plans to open a store in Sarnia. Sessions Cannabis, which has

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Not All CBD Health Claims Are Treated Equal

If you read this blog and keep a close eye on the cannabidiol (“CBD”) industry, you know that the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”)  takes issue with advertising tools containing egregious, unfounded claims about the health benefits of CBD products. Yet, you might be surprised to read that the federal agency does not go after every

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Here’s Why Food Tastes Better When You Have The Munchies

The munchies are one of the most pleasant side effects of marijuana. Here are some explanations as to why that is. While seasoned smokers find ways of ignoring the urge to inhale satisfying snacks after consuming weed, succumbing to it always leads to really delicious eating — whether you’re splurging on a five-course meal or

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Baby Given Cannabis-Based Drug in Medical First in Norfolk

A baby has become the first to get a cannabis-derived medicine in a trial to help those born with a condition that can lead to brain damage. Oscar Parodi was born at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital with neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). This is a lack of oxygen or blood flow from the placenta to

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