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Washington Marijuana Businesses: Watch Out for Cyber Attacks!

One of our Washington cannabis clients recently learned that its employee was the target of a cybersecurity attack. The employee, who was following instructions via a messaging app, wired money to an individual at the request of who he believed to be an owner of the company. That was not the case! The employee had fallen

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Mayor of Amsterdam Pushing to Severely Restrict Cannabis Tourism

The mayor of Amsterdam is considering putting restrictions on cannabis tourism, citing research that shows a third of visitors would come less often if they were barred from the city’s famed “coffee shops” that sell marijuana. The proposal comes as city leaders struggle to reduce the congestion that has plagued the Wallen and Singel areas,

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There’s a Cannabis-Infused Cocktail Event Coming to Toronto Next Week

Going out for drinks remains one of the premier features of adulthood. Whether you’re loosening up after a tough day or celebrating hard-fought victories, communal libations are often a go-to for unwinding for many who choose to indulge. Likewise, cannabis users like to equate their end-of-the-day buzz with that evening glass of wine or cocktail.

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Plan for Scotland’s First Medical Cannabis Clinic in Aberdeen

Plans for Scotland’s first medical cannabis clinic in Aberdeen have been unveiled. Medical cannabis was legalised in the UK in November 2018, allowing doctors to prescribe it in certain situations. Sapphire Medical Clinic plans to be the first clinic to “prescribe medical cannabis for all conditions acknowledged to benefit”. NHS Grampian said it was “concerning”

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New Jersey Lawmakers Considering Bills to Increase Medical Marijuana Protections

Lawmakers in New Jersey took steps this week toward enshrining protections for marijuana companies in the state and individuals on workers compensation prescribed to medical cannabis. Two bills were passed out of the state Assembly committee on financial institutions on Thursday. One measure would establish protections for insurance companies and employees that do business marijuana-related

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