Psychedelic Company Reportedly Develops LSD Antidote

A pharmaceutical psychedelics company has reportedly discovered an antidote to LSD which has the ability to act as an “off-switch” for a hallucinogenic trip. The discovery of the novel compound was announced last week by MindMed, which has filed for patent protection for the medication that could play a role in the emerging field of psychedelic therapy.

MindMed developed the new compound in conjunction with Dr. Matthias Liechti and the Liechti Laboratory, a research facility studying the pharmacology of psychoactive substances at the University of Basel in Switzerland. MindMed co-founder and co-CEO RJ Rahn said in a press release that the collaboration with the Liechti Lab would further new advancements in psychedelic therapy.

“The innovative and original work of the Liechti Laboratory is a treasure trove of novel data on LSD,” Rahn said. “We are just at the beginning of several significant discoveries that have the potential to further the application of psychedelics as therapeutic medicines. If developed, these discoveries will benefit both patients and therapists working in the psychedelic medicine space.”

Off-Switch For A Bad Trip

As the potential therapeutic uses of LSD and psychedelic drugs are studied, researchers and patients alike are wary of the possibility of an

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