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November 24, 2021

RAPID CITY, S.D.– The city’s Planning Commission has approved nearly all of the first round of applicants for dispensaries, with 16 of combined 17 applicants being approved.

Only one location at 1315 Haines Avenue was rejected for being in sight of residential and church properties.

Barring any community appeals, the next step is to finalize provisional licenses with the city finance office.

There, they must provide officials with a $1,500 application fee and have all employees undergo background checks.

“Once that is done and completed, the city finance officer will issue them that provisional license,” Interim Community Development Director Vicki Fisher explained. “They then advance to making an application tot he state, for the state license. Those applications have got to be received by the state no later than December 31.”

Council members still have 16 more applicants to examine ahead of the deadline, working to make sure all applicants have a fair chance.

“Regardless of when we get them in we’ll act on them as quick as we can. However, we have to go outsource for the background checks, and depending upon when we should get those back,” Fisher

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