Redistricting could force some San Diego cannabis dispensaries to close – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Some cannabis dispensaries in San Diego could be forced to close if new City Council district boundaries shake up how many dispensaries are within each district, prompting leaders of the local cannabis industry to lobby for a solution.

Each of the city’s nine council districts are limited to four dispensaries under the 2014 city law that allowed legal dispensaries in San Diego for the first time. Three of the nine districts have already reached that cap.

If new council district boundaries being drawn this year move some dispensaries into different districts, some districts might then exceed the cap of four.

City Attorney Mara Elliott said dispensaries in a district where the cap is exceeded would not have to close immediately, but she said they would likely have to close when their five-year conditional use permits expire.

Industry leaders lobbied city officials Friday to quickly solve the problem, which city officials apparently didn’t anticipate when they wrote the dispensary law seven years ago.

The industry leaders told the City Council’s economic development committee that a dispensary operator should not be forced to close just because they suddenly become located in a new council district.

“This is an unnecessary and unfair result,” said Phil Rath, leader of the

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