Remembering Kottonmouth Kings’ Saint Dog: October 21, 1975 – October 13, 2020

Since 1996, Placentia, California-based rap pioneers Kottonmouth Kings beat the drum of the recreational cannabis movement, chanting “Legalize It!” long before everyone else joined the bandwagon. 

Remembering Saint Dog

Founding member Steven “Saint Dog” Thronson tragically passed away on October 13, and today would have been his 45th birthday. Thronson co-founded Kottonmouth Kings with Dustin “D-Loc” Miller and Timothy “Johnny Richter” McNutt. With EP and album titles like Stoners Reeking Havoc, Royal Highness, and Hidden Stash, Kottonmouth Kings put their career on the line to loudly proclaim their unwavering devotion to cannabis. Saint Dog blessed us with one final album last year, Bozo, with the help of Suburban Noize Records and Donny Polinske, who put the record together. 

“We’re hopeful for all of us, especially the family,” says acclaimed music and film producer, Kevin Zinger, who has known Thronson since 1995. Zinger co-founded Suburban Noize Records in 1997, and the popular SRH clothing and accessory brand, before expanding into film.

“Back then, there weren’t many of us that were saying [legalize cannabis],” explains Zinger. “High Times obviously came way before, but back then it was just Kottonmouth Kings and Cypress Hill [who] were really pushing it. I don’t think that

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