Sioux Falls proposes to loosen potential zoning regulations for medical cannabis dispensaries – Argus Leader

When the Sioux Falls Planning Commission takes its first look at zoning regulations for medical marijuana within city limits this Wednesday, they’ll include several, following an outcry from advocates and consultants last week. 

The newly-proposed ordinance does not remove the requirement that medical cannabis dispensaries be placed 1,000 feet from “sensitive uses” such as single-family homes, twin homes or townhomes, churches, schools, daycares, public use facilities and parks.

But now it would allow prospective owners to apply for a conditional use permit, which if granted by the city council, could allow a dispensary to be built only 500 feet away from sensitive uses.

This change would allow public comment on the proposed dispensary’s plans, and would require dispensary owners to take extra steps to create a clear barrier to separate the land from other nearby areas.

Dispensaries would still need to be separated from one another by at least 1,000 feet, regardless of whether they were operating under a conditional use permit.

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The ordinance would also allow medical cannabis testing facilities, defined as a business that “analyzes the safety and potency of cannabis.”

Testing facilities would also have to be 1,000 feet from sensitive uses, and are also eligible for

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