Medical Marijuana Cards

SD Marijuana Cards

South Dakota – A medical marijuana card, or MMJ card is a state issued identification card that enables a patient that have a doctor or in some states registered nurses recommendation to purchase from a registered cannabis dispensary, possess, or cultivate cannabis for medicinal use.

South Dakota Medical Cannabis Cards, or MMJ cards are currently not available in the state. For programs in the majority of legalized states, the cannabis medical card is valid for up to 12 months and typically is renewable. Legalized states also have different requirements for obtaining a medical cannabis card. In over 26 states in the United States it is currently possible to obtain your weed card, South Dakota has not come around yet. 

Medical Marijuana Cards are issued by a state or county in which medical cannabis is recognized. Typically a patient is required to pay a fee to the state in order to be eligible for a medical cannabis card. You can fill out the form below if you would like to be on the early list to receive notices as well as the registration forms as they become available.

Patient Registration Form

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