Tennessee Congress Passes SB 118, Sending Limited Medical Cannabis Bill To Governor’s Desk

The Tennessee Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, SB 118, that establishes a strictly limited medicinal cannabis program for patients with certain qualifying conditions. The move comes following a compromise reached between senators and members of the Tennessee House of Representatives, where a bill to establish a more extensive medical cannabis program was voted down last week. Wednesday afternoon, the Tennessee House voted in favor of SB 118.

The Details of SB 118

Under SB 118, patients with one or more debilitating illnesses would be permitted to use CBD oil medications containing no more than 0.9% THC. Under current state law, only patients with epilepsy are permitted to use such medications. The bill allows for slightly more THC than the federal limit established for legal hemp products under the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill does not allow for the production or sale of cannabis medications in Tennessee, leaving patients with no options for legally obtaining their medicine in the state.

In order to use the low-THC CBD oil, patients would have to obtain a letter from a physician stating that they have one of the qualifying medical conditions and that conventional

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